Released Albums

Hazel Peele’s 1st Album Cover
“Time Machine” A Single Off Of Hazel Peele’s Rebirth Album

The First Album Released: Rebirth

While many bands take time to get albums released, Hazel Peele first introduced their unique style to the music industry in 2018 to give fans a feel of their Flash Rock.

Hazel Peele’s Sessions Cover
“A Walk By The River” Is A Single Off of Hazel Peele’s Sessions Album

Ambient Music: Sessions

This album was created to inspire those who love to meditate and listen to sounds of music without lyrics. This album was promoted through a few different spas and yoga classes for clients and students to be taken away to a new world as they relax.

Hazel Peele’s 2nd Album Cover
“Days of Noah” A Single Off of Hazel Peele’s Awakening Album

Hazel Peele’s Second Album: Awakening

Awakening is a futuristic sound to all who listen in to the creative flow of the band. Hazel Peele released this album through Mouthwash Records in September 2018

Hazel Peele’s Electronic Album Cover
“Creative Cauldron” A Single Off of Hazel Peele’s Electronica Album

An Album Full Of Electronica Music

This album was an inspiration to everyone who loved to dance. Get you dance on and feel the beats that your soul craves.

Hazel Peele’s 3rd Album Cover
“The Vow” Off of Hazel Peele’s Ascension Album

The Third Released Album: Ascension

Ascension was released in January 2019 from Mouthwash Records, and it pushed the limits of the band Hazel Peele though creative and thoughtful music for the industry. The songs were inspired though the bands development and trial times.

Hazel Peele’s Covered Album Cover
“Broken” A Covered Song Preformed By Hazel Peele

A Album Filled With Covered Songs Of Artists

Every band is inspired by another artist. Hazel Peele has many inspirations and will continue to promote other artist, only adding their Flash Rock Flare to the scene to give it the Hazel Peele’s touch.

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