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Making sounds that entice a soul’s direction and emotion takes technique, determination, passion, creativity, and concentrated skills.

Professional Mixing, Mastering, & Songwriting!

Hazel Peele has created a way to help not only the people listening to music but also for those that compose and perform music as well. With their professional sound engineering specialists and strong core team structure to the creative aspects of sensational lyrical capabilities, the services Hazel Peele offers are limitless. If you are looking to find that extra high-quality touch on mixing and mastering on a professional scale, or need some inspiration with an entirely new and never heard of lyrics, then you are in the right spot.


Specialty Mixing And Mastering Sound Engineering

Many artists that create music needs to have their songs sounding professional and alluring. A professional sound engineer that has dedicated their time and energy to mastering your sound to the highest quality is the ideal way to making the most out of your songs. It does not matter what genre your song falls in, it still needs an extra touch of mastering and mixing before it is launched to any mainstream or personal media platform.

The difference between a professionally mixed and mastered sound versus an un-mixed version is the result of quality piece that a professional sound engineer creates. Therefore, if you are looking for that upgrade and quality sound that you hear on the radio, then consider getting your tracks master mixed with one of Hazel Peele’s specialists. Look below for pricing, or contact Hazel Peele to get your track professionally mixed and mastered today!

Pricing For Hazel Peele’s Professional Mixing & Mastering

All songs that are mixed and mastered with Hazel Peele’s professional sound engineers are performed with high-quality standards. The project is easily paid through PayPal, once it is completed. Your satisfaction is the utmost importance and Hazel Peele’s team is dedicated to giving you’re the highest-quality and experience that is on the market today. Contact Hazel Peele to get started with making your unique songs professional and properly mixed and mastered today.

  • 1 Song Professionally Mixed And Mastered By Hazel Peele: $45
  • 2 Songs Skillfully Mixed And Mastered By Hazel Peele: $75
  • 4 Songs Expertly Mixed And Mastered By Hazel Peele: $120
  • 11 Songs or More Professionally Mixed And Mastered By Hazel Peele: $450/adj per track

Professionally Written And Composed Songs

Every artist at one point gets that “Writers Block”. Hazel Peele is here to fix that problem with a simple solution. Hazel Peele has an abundant amount of creativity that is pouring out of the cup, and what better to do with it but to give back to the music community that needs that next inspiration and jump-start.

If you are here to find new lyrics and sounds, no matter what type of genre, Hazel Peele has you covered. Their team of creative composers, songwriters, sound engineers, and lyrists can quickly get you that new sound or lyrics for your next hit. See below for pricing. Reach out to Hazel Peele for a fresh sound or all original written lyrics that are innovative and ground-breaking creations.

  • Pricing For 1 Written Lyrical Song: $50
  • Pricing For 1 Written Lyrics And Composition Sounds That Match The Lyrics: $150

Why Choose Hazel Peele To Enhance Your Music?

Hazel Peele has been making waves through the music industry for years for many different artists and listeners all over the world. They are abundant with creativity and can take a simple word or idea and make it into a revolutionary concept that is obtainable on a song, sound, or both. Each service they do is skillfully composed and conducted to maintain the maximum professionalism that is offered in the market of songwriting and sound engineering.

Contact Hazel Peele to see how the team can help you today with quick turnaround time and professional at the tip of your fingertips.

The opportunity and revelation of having Hazel Peele’s team of professionals to master mix and create thought-provoking creative songs are artistically met and remarkably persevered. So what are you waiting for?

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