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ZRadio Shares Hazel Peele!

Hazel Peele Is Mentioned and Played through ZRadio! Reach out to them or listen to their station to get the latest Christian Rock & Pop music! Thank you ZRadio!

The Current and Magnificent Rise In Original Music With The Band Hazel Peele

Contributor: Tc Farrand January 10, 2020

The band named Hazel Peele is unique and creative. They are inspirational with their formats of conducting and producing music. Hazel Peele appreciates how music was first introduced to society, therefore, they strive and succeed to fashion their music in a similar design.

The founder of the band, Dean Peele, is a rare architect composer and artist. With having an extensive background in music from the early ages of his life, to being the top members of his band class, he takes his music innovation to an ingenious level that screams originality and revelation to current times.

Hazel Peele has been recognized through its fan base to sound like a brilliant mix of the infamous bands known as Pink Floyd, Tech Nine, Collective Soul, James Addiction, and among others. The influx of vision the band started with has only grown stronger over the past few years.

With only a few albums under their belt, and seen numerous times in live performances around the USA, Hazel Peele is well on their way to hitting the top of the charts around the world with several different songs they have created.

Their music is found all over Pandora, SpotifyiTunesApple MusiciHeartRadioGoogle MusicYouTube, and many more media outlets. They are seen in the top charts on radio stations 98.5 The ValleyBanks RadioRock Your World Radio, and Radio Indi Alliance, and have been seen to give out only a few interviews over the web like Nme Artists. See for yourself how unique and amazing they are on their Hazel Peele Facebook Page.

In the future, Hazel Peele shares they will continue to pursue their ambitions to giving back to the fans what they like to hear, by Hazel Peele’s Motto, “Bringing Music Back To Music Again.”

Music Is The Color of Life

Musicians Of The World For Australian Firefighters

Compilation administered by: Elk Road Music
Individual artists retain ownership and copyright to all contributions. January 11, 2020

Musicians around the world are raising money to support Australia’s firefighters. Artist bios and photos included. Your donation gives you a download of all songs. As well, you can access all music on the official Spotify playlist.

Hazel Peele In The Top Listed Artist From Bank’s Radio!

Recently, Banks Radio announced their top artist list and Hazel Peele was in the Top 25! Thank you Isaac Banks, you are one of a kind! December, 2019

Information on the Station: “Isaac Banks is a HUGE supporter of Unsigned bands from all over the world.” According to Banks Radio, Mike McGuire
Music Fan
, stated: “Giving support to those who give so much, and do so much to get that music heard is an easy thing to do. Because of the laws, and the fees involved, it’s not a cheap thing to do. And by continuing on, Isaac and others like him, are truly showing their love of those Unsigned bands and what they do. Let’s show Isaac just how much WE love what HE does, and wish him to continue doing!

Hazel Peele Listed In Top Artist Lists of 2019 On The Valley 98.5!!

The Valley 98.5 released their top artist lists, and Hazel Peele was found to be one of them! December, 2019

Information on the station: Established in 1980 and licensed in 1989, One FM is now one of regional Australia’s largest community radio stations catering to the Goulburn and Murray Valley regions with “live” and local content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Listeners Love Listening to Hazel Peele On Rock Your World Radio!

Hazel Peele was requested to play on Rock Your World Radio! December 2019! Thank you to everyone who listened and supported Hazel Peele!

Hazel Peele Found Playing On Radio Indi Alliance!

Hazel Peele is becoming more and more internationally recognized! On Radio Indi Alliance, Hazel Peele was listened to from numerous listeners, Thank you to all who listened to us! November-December 2019

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Hazel Peele is a band with diversity that is highly entertaining to the masses. Predominantly a modernized 1980’s band that will make you smile, cry, scream, and laugh. What was the last song you listened to?