Hazel Peele Is Ranking On Up To The Top Charts!!!

Hazel Peele’s music is reaching the limits on whom they reach and how many listeners they have. Recently, they were on the top charts through two well-esteemed radio stations, and it was not just one time they have made it to the number one spot!

Take a look for yourself! Thank You Radio Indie Alliance & Banks Radio for your continued support, as well as all of the listeners who make Hazel Peele recognized!

Radio Indie Alliance

Banks Radio

Sweet Sunday Sounds

February 10 at 3:05 PM · 

Sweet Sunday Sounds Isaac Banks Top 25 tracks this week on VALLEY FM 89.5 (Australia) (12 Feb).
1. Paper Mache Kisses vs. HazelPeele – Beautiful Night
2. Mawcore – Breath
3. Mirror Point – Is This Was This
4. Puppet Theory – Modern Boys
5. HEDRA – Hurricane
6. Watch Rome Burn – Tempest
7. Halie Loren – Cuando Bailamos
8. Theharity – ATY
9. Ninefinger – Can’t Catch Her
10. Riff Reign – Iceman
11. Marenna Official – Pieces of Tomorrow
12. Fergus Hambleton – I Want You Now
13. Banda Retrobox – You Know How
14. John Verity music – Higher
15. The Golgis – It’s Still a Hoover
16. Katanak – Astronomy
17. Bedrokk – Friends
18. Thomas and The Empty Orchestra – Old Crow
19. The Mamas – Dancefloor
20. Steve Newsome – One Good Radio
21. Jarrod Jeremiah – Ain’t No Other
22. Tracy Colletto Music – Rosa
23. Alice Triskel – Paradise Outside
24. Doukis – Monatishe & 25. Orsaya Music – One and Only 

On another note, Hazel Peele is now recognized on yet another station that has a great diversity of listeners! ZRadio has mentioned Hazel Peele and played their songs throughout the month and plan to give back to the music community by sharing Hazel Peele across their platform! Wow! This is exciting and almost unheard of with a small band like Hazel Peele being played through stations like these, thousands of individuals will soon be able to enjoy the brilliance that Hazel Peele brings to life.

If you have not gotten a chance to hear Hazel Peele’s Music, then you are in the right spot. Reach out to one of the channels mentioned above to play a song from Hazel Peele, or follow Hazel Peele on most musical platforms, like Spotify, Itunes, Apple..etc and watch some great music videos on YouTube! Hazel Peele appreciates each listener and will continue to push new songs for you to hear to make living in a chaotic world seem interesting and fun again! Let us know what song you heard from Hazel Peele, and where you listened to it in the comments below.

The Journey Begins

A beginning step taken by the band Hazel Peele. They are an uprising band that you will become addicted to, and the band members are unforgettable once you meet them.

Written By: Tc Farrand

“Music is like soul food for the ears. We all love music, and if you do not, then you might as well be a square.” Hazel Peele


Life without music is really no life to live. Music can make you smile, laugh, cry, and rage all in the same song sometimes. However, it is when those few songs that come on the radio or your playlist that stop you in your tracks, that makes a person day. Since there are so many artists out there, there are many genres to choose from. Finding a unique artist can be a fun adventure and a highlight of emotion to express to others. Only a select few artists can make it where you can become addicted to listening to their music and Hazel Peele is one of those few recording artists that are original and unique.

Their songwriting abilities sing a beautiful melody in your ears as you dive off onto an adventure of each song. Hazel Peele has made numerous songs for all of us to enjoy, all because Hazel Peele loves to share their gift with others. You can get lost in their songs for hours, even if you listen to the same song a few hundred times. Hazel Peele is like a jack in the box, you never know what genre they will do next. They consider themselves in the genre of “FLASH ROCK” all because they are so diverse with all genres. If you feel like soothing music, Hazel Peele has it. If you want to dance and have fun, Hazel Peele has it. If you want to spit fire, Hazel Peele has it. If you want oldies, Hazel Peele has it. If you want top hit songs that are unique and original, Hazel Peele has it. They played their first gig at a small pizza parlor in Colorado. According to a international interview Hazel Peele did with NME, “There are a lot of emerging artists in the right now. What sets you apart from the rest?” Hazel Peele said, “Just Listen”. The reporter asked,” What was the first gig you went to?” Their response was, “All Gone Pizza”.

Hazel Peele truly has the “IT FACTOR!” Test it out yourself, and see that you will not be addicted after listening to a few songs back to back. To top that off they have videos that are entertaining to watch. It makes you wonder if there are some hidden conspiracies included in the music, if there is some sort of message one could translate. The lyrics are so straightforward, they can almost be offensive, and however, there is some truth in every song for someone.

Hazel Peele understands how to “capture the moments within a song”

There are only a few artists out there that are capable of creating and capturing the moments within a song, and Hazel Peele is one of the recording artists that need to be listened to by the masses. If you have not had the time to listen to their songs, then you are missing out. They make the recording artist title look so easy; however, if you attempt to try to copy one of their songs, there is no match or comparison for their originality.

They have music theory written all over them and through their published works. To top that off they also are creative short story tellers, therefore they are capable of almost anything. They are able to get the point of the message out fast and efficient. Due to times in today’s society, we all desperately need a new imaginative band that really brings music back to music again.

As mentioned previously, there are only a few artists that try to accomplish such a task that can make it original and pleasing to your ears. Hazel Peele is one of the best songwriters of 2018. The variety of styles that they can make are endless and they only continue to get better with time. Their songwriting is alluring and because they takes their profession as a recording artist more serious than most people can understand. They will strive to be a perfectionist, and Hazel Peele’s quality of music shows what they are capable of doing, for not just one song, but for many. Go take a look and see for yourself what Hazel Peele’s music can do for your ears, you will not be disappointed.

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think of the unique sound of Hazel Peele. ~Tc Farrand~