About Hazel Peele

Dean Peele is the creator of the band, and his partner Hazel is just as ambitious. Together they play as if they have a whole band behind them. Their core values stand upon the beginnings of music, where music was made from experience and not generated. They are proud to use no auto tuning in any of their songs because the voicing of each song was built to have imperfections. However, they perfect each song to sound professional. Hazel Peele loves music and you can tell each time they play that music is a passion. Hazel Peele records all of their songs live to allow the fans to enjoy each story within the songs.

If you have not had a chance to have Hazel Peele come play for your event or venue, you are missing out. They play for venues such as personal parties, bbq’s, weddings, pizza parlors, parks, campgrounds, and much more. They just love to share their skills and let everyone enjoy the sounds that they can produce. Use Hazel Peele for your next venue, you will not be disappointed!

Guitar Is Always A Key Element In Hazel Peele’s Music

Hazel Peele started out with Dean, the creator of the band, as a “one man band”. He was raised with music, and loves music theory more than most. His heart and soul are in each song he creates. After deciding to create the band to allow the masses to enjoy music as much as he does, he brought Hazel into the mix to learn to play with him. Together they made an amazing team. The band was created in 2018 and started to play at their local pizza parlor.

Since then, they got a tour bus and traveled around the country playing for anyone and everywhere. They have played in parks, campgrounds, open mics, personal bbq’s, and additional venues through the US. They are a band that is on the rise, and one to watch out for. They like to stay original with all of their music and gear the sounds towards the overall public likings. Currently, they are playing in Colorado.  If you catch them in time before they head to their next spot, you will be fortunate to listen to the sounds that they can create on a dime.

Hazel & Dean Before A Show

 They have been seen in Fort Garland, Blanca, San Luis, Alamosa, and Salida recently. Down from the grapevine, it was mentioned that they might be headed towards California and Maine next, but they keep to themselves the actual location to bring mystery to the band and to surprise the locals. They do have their headquarter studio in Colorado Springs, so if you see them, make sure you give them a shout out. They are a welcoming band to this generation and love each and every one of their fans. Follow them on social media and watch as the band starts to thrive. This is the next hit band that you will fall in love with, as like most people did when music was just music back in the day.  Hazel Peele albums are a great way to play in your car on a road trip or on your way to work. They are great for your Friday night parties, Sunday BBQ’s, Yoga Classes, and much more. Businesses even buy Hazel Peele’s albums to enhance their work environment that is pleasing to the customers, families and employees.