When Small Music Stores Out-Class The Larger Ones

With the recent rise in small businesses, local small music stores are also making invaluable waves in the music industry and creating musical awareness that is highly sought after. A small and local music store may not be recognized for selling loads of products, but they have a class that far surpasses larger corporate chains. They come with integrity, passion, knowledge, respectability, flexibility, and higher standards. Almost every month Hazel Peele, a band who cares about the community, stops at a local music store in the areas they travel, and the most recent one they went to showed superior class over the corporate chains.

What Makes Small Music Stores Ideal Compared To The Corporate Chains

Forbes voiced, “In the old days when the physical product was the lifeblood of a label, there was a dedicated staff that treated every order with care.” However, in today’s economy larger corporate chains do not feel that a personal touch is essential in the productivity of the business, therefore, they have found alternative ways to flourishing. Local independent music stores continue to uphold the values of each customer that walks through their door. This is one start that has made a huge difference in class of a local independent music store versus a large corporate chain.

There is a lot of money put into a music store and the products that are offered. Statista shows, “Annual revenue figures of musical instrument & supplies stores in the United States from 2009 to 2014. In 2009, the revenue of musical instrument & supplies stores in the U.S. ranged at about 6.6 billion U.S. dollars.” That is a lot of money put into the love of music, but why can’t local independent music stores gain access to these numbers faster? The reason is false advertising. Larger corporate music stores only care about one thing, sales. They do not care if their products are valued and trustworthy, they only care about getting the sale completed, in and out the door. While every business is in business to make money, there are just some companies that take their level of appreciation for their customers to another level. This is where the difference of class begins.

A few reasons that local independent music stores should be a priority are the following:

  • Knowledge: It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an expert with playing any musical instrument, the key to being better is the level of knowledge that you engulf yourself in. A local independent music store has that. A staff member should be able to speak about anything and everything on the line of music. Larger corporate chains are only looking to hire individuals that will not waste time and accept lower pay. While local music stores care about the level of knowledge each staff member has to give back to the community with information that they seek.
  • Personable And Reliable: Namm expresses this area exceptional, “Local music stores are born from an intense love for music—and they are in business to share it. The staff at your local music store usually comprises teachers or performers and are life-long students themselves— constantly expanding their musical horizons, and eager to share their passion and knowledge with customers. Your local music store staff will take the time to get to know you and your musical needs to help keep you motivated as you reach your goal of becoming a musician. Be it time or budget, the team at your local music store understands your daily constraints, fears, or worries about playing music, and can work with your schedule and resources, or help to address any of your concerns.”
  • Dedication And Trust: Lightshine Music voiced, “Lightshine Music has been helping to fill the San Luis Valley with music since 2004. We were founded on the principle that music is one of the most important parts of any culture and deeply affects everyone, whether on a community-wide or an individual basis. We carry this value through all our operations today. Lightshine Music is here because we believe that music is vitally important to our community. We want to make it possible for anyone to fill the need in their lives for music. We pride ourselves on our honesty and flexibility with our customers and community, and are committed to helping you find the instrument, equipment, or service that’s right for you.” With companies like Lightshine, bands like Hazel Peele can feel at ease as soon as they walk through the door. Besides, local music stores make their atmosphere comfortable and relaxing. It’s not always about the money, but about the experience that each customer gets. This is a huge difference between large corporate stores and smaller independent local music stores.
  • Products And Repairs: Many stores offer new streamed line instruments, products, and services, however, not all of them have the care or experts on hand like a local music store has. This can be anything from strings, minor repairs, cleaning, or adjustments and more. A local music store only will bring in the best technicians that have prior experience, understanding, and dedication that each customer deserves from the smaller repairs and products to the large scale ones.

Musician’s Trust Builds Because Of Small Music Stores

Hazel Peele loves to travel to different local music stores to show their appreciation of the music industry and the level of care they give back to the community. One store, in particular, has been a huge transformation of the band, Lightshine Music. Hazel Peele expressed, “Each time we fly through the area, even if it is to get to the next town, we stop by this store because the owner has made a huge positive impression on us. We love this little store, and would not have grown as much as we have without them. The owner, Bob and his little puppy are passionate about the music industry, and you can see it pouring off his face each time we see him. We will not go to any other store in the area because he is a strong reason we can do what we do.”

Small localized stores like Lightshine Music are capable of changing the lives of individuals and larger groups because of the intensity and levels of dedication and trust they build. This is the part of a class that each store needs, and one strong reason why local music stores out-class the larger ones.

Absolute Inspirations

We could go into many more details on how a small music store can out-class a larger one, as perspectives change from one person to another. However, each person that is interested or encouraged to love music should pay respects to smaller local music stores, like Lightshine Music, because they have an eye for detail, and care about you as a musician. In addition, they are a great place to get a jump off to finding localized gig’s that un-known bands can follow up on and become a part of. Therefore, if you are an aspiring musician, a celebrity musician, or just another that loves music, should always find a local music store near me to get repairs, or find products, as a way of saying thank you for being a strong influence on other musicians and generations to come in the music industry.

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